Achieving better results in the various types of agricultural crops, and in a sustainable way, are the objectives of this project which uses the latest technologies to optimize production.

More and more farmers are turning to precision farming to achieve the maximum profitability of their crops. It was to think of this support to the farmers that the Smart Farming project came about, whose first objective is to develop an agronomic management tool that promises to provide, on the one hand, the simplification of several agricultural processes and, on the other, the optimization of them.

What is Smartfarming?

Advanced tool to operationalize precision agriculture.

Permite determinar

Irrigation needs
Fertilization needs
Calendar of cultural operations
Phenological phase calendar
Evolution of fruit maturation
Harvest Segmentation
Determine disease risks

Executa autonomamente

Sectorial and precision irrigation
Directly controls each of the irrigation systems
Sectorial and precision fertilization
Directly controls fertilization systems
Determines required cultural operations and their geographical distribution
Calculation of maturation index
Automatic determination of harvest zones and volumes

A Great Advantage for Precision Agriculture

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