In the scope of the SmartFarming project is intended:

• To construct a basic language for the computerized processing of the needs of the plants at multiple levels, that allows in a mathematical way to create relations between the culture in question with several factors that condition them;

• To create a layer of intelligence with decision-making ability and action in irrigation, fertilization, disease and pest prevention processes, as well as the definition of cultural operations and harvesting operations;

• To develop the tool support platform and connectors for interfacing the tool to data sources and actuators;

• And to know the applicability of the tool in real cases.

What is SmartFarming?

Advanced tool to operationalize precision agriculture.

Permite determinar

Irrigation needs
Fertilization needs
Calendar of cultural operations
Phenological phase calendar
Evolution of fruit maturation
Harvest Segmentation
Determine disease risks

Executa autonomamente

Sectorial and precision irrigation
Directly controls each of the irrigation systems
Sectorial and precision fertilization
Directly controls fertilization systems
Determines required cultural operations and their geographical distribution
Calculation of maturation index
Automatic determination of harvest zones and volumes

A Great Advantage for Precision Agriculture

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