ProdFarmer – Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda. is dedicated to the creation of technological solutions of operational management for the agricultural sector.


Headquartered in Abrantes, ProdFarmer is a spin-off of Compta Emerging Business, S.A. – a company specialized in innovative management solutions for logistics, enery, environment, sea and agriculture, belonging to Grupo Compta, S.A., one of the largest portuguese players in the IT field in recent years.


With ProdFarmer, Compta Emerging Business wanted to concentrate on one entity the competencies and, consequently, responsibility, to develop the tools that the agricultural sector needs to respond to the growing consumption needs, the high standards of food safety required and the constraints that have been imposed on it. It is a sector that faces a difficult conjuncture and that only with technological innovation it will be possible to obtain the necessary tools for the agricultural sector to emerge.

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